Press downloads Orient Express History iPad app

This page offers high resolution images and background information for download; usage only permitted in announcements and reviews. For more information or a free app install code:

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Screen print: Main menupng
Screen print: Pionier periodpng
Screen print: Istanbul Sirkeci stationpng
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Full text and images of part 1: Prelude pdf
Eyewitnesses (traveler quotes) part 2: Pioneer periodpdf
Video: introduction with the creator, Arjan den Boer (2:55)mov
Transcription (for quotes)docx
First Orient Express poster, 1888 (collection Arjan den Boer)jpg
First Orient Express, l'Illustration, 1884 (collection Arjan den Boer)jpg
Dining car cross section, 1896 (collection Arjan den Boer)jpg
Simplon Orient Express poster, 1927 (private collection)jpg
London-Cairo brochure, 1928 (collection Arjan den Boer)jpg
Simplon Orient-Express snowed in for 5 days in Turkey, 1929 (collection Arjan den Boer)jpg
Simplon Orient and Taurus Express route, 1930 (collection Arjan den Boer)jpg
Sirkeci Station, Istanbul (photo Arjan den Boer)jpg